JJ Floor Walls - Outrageous estimate

Vantaa, Southern Finland 2 comments

We recently received a quote to remove the old wood flooring and install a floating wood floor over 1070 square feet of area.Considering today's depressed economy, we were not expecting the exorbitant quote JJ Floor & Walls submitted.

They were by far the highest bid at $11,500.00 without materials. If they are so in demand, more power to them. Otherwise they will certainly lose business due to their over-the-top quotes. The next higest quote was nearly $2,000.00 less and two others were $4,500 - $5,000 less.

JJ Floor & walls cannot be so superior over the other contractors, who also meet Service Magic's criteria.Some companies just don't get it and keep their heads buried in the sand.



Contact me by e if you have a response please


Has anyone else had AT&T make a donation on their behalf, without permission, and been billed for it on their monthly invoice? After seeveral phone calls, and letters with our payment, they continue to invoice us, dis-regarding our complaint. If you are a legal professional, is this legal?

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